CNH professionals are trained in Dr. Robert Marshall’s proven system of biofeedback known as Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) which uncovers the underlying causes of physical problems. Pain and disease are a result of energy blockages, malfunctioning systems, nutritional deficiencies, sub-clinical infections in bones, teeth and organs and body traumas (such as surgeries, vaccines, fractures, burns, scars, etc.). These are accurately identified with the QRA system. Specific nutrients are available in the purest, organic form free of the dangerous toxins found in over 97% of nutritional supplements.

CNH natural health coaches show you how to use natural remedies, wholesome foods and personal inner practices. They train you in a natural wellness lifestyle, so you can take control of your own health. Working with your personal physician, they show you how to safely and gradually reduce your dependence on harmful chemical drugs and to heal yourself without surgeries.

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