Quantum Reflex Analysis

QRA is a highly effective system of test­ing the bioenergetic status of the body’s key organ and gland control points using a university-proven muscle testing technique of medically accepted reflex points.

In just one session, your practitioner can test many of your body’s key points to provide an overall assessment at the quantum level and thus, provide you with precision-tested nutrients, nutritional formulas and a healing program – precisely specific to you.

How Can QRA Help Me?

QRA  is an effective and exciting way of com­municating with your body and its specific needs –unlike any other healthcare technique on the planet. Your practitioner can use QRA to quickly pinpoint your areas of nutritional deficiency, determine precise nutrients or formulas and the exact amounts needed to support optimal nutri­tional resonance for each specific organ or gland control point that was tested.

When these advanced techniques are used, your body can offer a wealth of bio-information that can allow your practitioner to determine the best clinical solutions for you that have the greatest beneficial impact on your health. The ultimate goal is to support your body’s best structure and function for optimal health and longevity.

What Can I Expect in a QRA Session?

During a QRA session, your practitioner will test key organ/gland reflex points on the sur­face of your body to determine their status in order to make specific recommendations for you, including customized nutritional supple­ments. During the session, you may remain fully clothed while you are comfortably stand­ing or seated.

To test you, your practitioner will ask you to create an “O-Ring” position with the fingers on one hand. With your other hand, your practi­tioner will ask you to place your fingers directly on key organ and gland control points of your body. Next, your practitioner will test each of these points using classic QRA O-Ring testing methods. This technique is simple, painless, easy to perform and requires no special effort on your part. In fact, it is a pleasure to receive a QRA exam!

Once your practitioner has determined which control points need help, they will then test nutrients or formulas to find the “exact” match – the one that makes a point that tested “off” to test “on” again. It is truly body biocommu­nication at its best. In the hands of a skilled QRA practitioner, you may find that you receive many new insights into how your body works as it communicates its needs and pref­erences through the language of QRA.

Where Can I Learn More?

Please feel free to ask your healthcare practi­tioner more about the phenomenal technique of QRA. The best way to appreciate QRA is to experience it! Make an appointment now to dive into the depths of QRA for a reward­ing experience. May your health soar to new heights and may you enjoy life at its best with QRA!

After your first consultation, you will leave with a wealth of insights into your physical needs so you can begin to build an outstanding foundation of nutritional support.

Don’t wait another minute … it’s time for you to experience your own very best “Quantum Health” now! Transform your Health Today Through QRA!

We see people from across the entire health spectrum, from athletes to healthy couples who are planning a pregnancy, to children and babies or anyone wanting their best health. In short, our clients are people who are looking for effective ways that really work to support their health.



Do you feel confused about what specific nutritional supplements are really best for you? Do you wonder which products really do work – and which are really just a lot of hype? Are you confused about how to determine the true root causes of your health concerns – and what you can do that will quickly eliminate them?

It can be expensive and time consuming to guess at what might be right for you. At Center for Natural HealingTM, we offer a clinically tested paradigm in natural healthcare that is both efficient and cost-effective. Our quantum-state nutritional products are designed not only to supply premier quality nutrients to the body but to assist in inducing quantum resonance in the body’s organs and glands – the prerequisite to initiate the body’s very best health.

We offer professional QRA™ (Quantum Reflex Analysis™) sessions to pinpoint special nutritional needs to support optimal health. QRA™ is thorough, safe and non-invasive. Because of its phenomenal effectiveness, QRA™ has become one of the key choices to promote best health.

We invite you to experience the premier difference of our products and QRA™.


  • Heart and circulation
  • Blood sugar
  • Cholesterol
  • Immune system
  • Digestion
  • Joint and muscles
  • Liver and gallbladder
  • Eyes and ears
  • Sleep
  • Overcoming electrical stress in their home or office or from cell phones or cell phone towers


  • Better energy levels
  • Mood
  • Emotional stress
  • Children’s learning
  • Hormone balance
  • Memory
  • Skin
  • Athletic performance
  • Restful sleep
  • Learn what foods support their unique body type

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Our mission is to help people uncover and address the root cause(s) to health problems using the highly effective system of Quantum Reflexology Analysis. | LEARN MORE


QRA is a highly effective system of testing the bioenergetic status of the body’s key organ and gland control points using a university-proven muscle testing technique of medically accepted reflex points. | LEARN MORE


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